As artist in residence I will use my up-cycling skills to support the creative curriculum in Putney's newest school and enable children's artistic abilities to flourish   … [Click to read more ..]

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Glastonbury 2016 was the music world's opportunity to give David Bowie a fitting send off and mark the legacy and hole he's left since he died. When I got the call from Charles Hazlewood I jumped … [Click to read more ..]


Choose from a number of different prints and fabrics (you may even request a colour tone when ordering your size) and you will not only receive an exclusive pair of your very own Luxury Bed Shorts but … [Click to read more ..]


Annika-N has a rich and varied experience of lecturing and hosting practical up-cyling workshops aimed to inspire and motivate new original ways to use waste. In Schools, Corporations, Exhibitions … [Click to read more ..]


Head over to our exclusive online store which is housed amongst other Up-Cycling designers on the Remade In Britain website. http://www.remadeinbritain.com/annika-n/ As soon as new prototype designs … [Click to read more ..]