“Annika, your utterly utterly awesome thin white suit has arrived and it fits like a glove!Perfect for high-octane music making on Saturday” Charles

Glastonbury 2016 was the music world’s opportunity to give David Bowie a fitting send off and mark the legacy and hole he’s left since he died.

When I got the call from Charles Hazlewood I jumped to it and when I heard the brief my head was swimming with ideas. He needed a brilliant white suit as there was going to be a laser show and it needed to a tribute to Bowie and pure Rock n Roll. It also needed to be fit for purpose; Charles was to be conducting an orchestra at midnight on the Saturday night of the festival (and it was to be screened live on BBC4).

“Bowie was a huge fan of Glass, citing him as a primary influence. If Bowie had any interest in what might be played by all of us after he’d gone, then I reckon a world class orchestra breathing fire into Glass’s Heroes Symphony would make him very happy indeed. I’ll be conducting Army of Generals and members of the British Paraorchestra. And with the added genius of laser virtuoso Chris Levine creating a visual counterpoint to Glass’s luminescent textures, this will be the most extraordinary sound and vision ever witnessed at Glastonbury.”

Charles Hazlewood 2016